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May 2

25 Reasons HR Shield Rocks!

Join us each week as we review just one of the 25 reasons that HR Shield ROCKS! We’ll even be giving away Risk Free Trials to new customers, so stay tuned!

Reason # 1- Immediate Access to a licensed HR professional

HR Shield is offering a one-time FREE 30-day no-risk trial membership to companies interested in protecting themselves from wrongful termination suits, discrimination and FLSA issues. That’s right, you get 30 days access at no cost, and if you are satisfied (we know you’ll love it) you can continue with a month-to-month membership for only $49.99 a month. That’s less than $2.00 a day!

Note: The Risk Free Trial is available to new customers ONLY. Current Members are NOT ELIGIBLE for the Risk Free Trial.

Here’s how it works:

Request your free one month membership to HR Shield by calling 1-877-636-9525 now and we’ll email you a user name and password that gives you instant access to HR Shield. There you’ll find a collection of forms and training resources for your entire management team. You’ll also have immediate access to your dedicated HR Advisor for 30 days.

It’s that simple.

Call today and start enjoying email and phone support from a fully licensed HR professional who is dedicated to helping protect your business! And, join us next week for Reason #2!

Social Media Strategies for Recruitment

Last year, survey results from Jobvite’s recruiting survey found that 83% of respondents used or planned to use social networking this year as a recruitment tool.  Over 600 human resources professionals completed Jobvite’s online survey, and not to much surprise, the big sites referenced were LinkedIn,Facebook, and Twitter.